[Samba] Windows XP SP2 slow printing solution

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Mon Nov 22 09:33:46 GMT 2004


Problem still exists. I failed to find the reason, so here are my 
observations regarding the problem.

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 10:16, Walter Willmertinger wrote:
> Thank you very much, I  tried your solution 3 (the http- or URL
> -printing method). Speed is now very good.
> Jason Balicki schrieb:
> >Walter Willmertinger <> wrote:
> >>I upgraded to 3.0.8 with no difference in the speed of the printer
> >>dialogue and other printer related topics.
> >>It is still very, very slow. For example, Adobe 6.0 takes about 10
> >>seconds to show the printer dialogue.
> >>
> >>So it seems, that the problem is not fixed.
> >>I sure think it is a problem in SP2, because I removed already SP2 and
> >>all works in normal speed.
> >>The problem is that you cannot go around SP2 only if you ignore any MS
> >>XP updates.
> >
> >Here's what I've learned:
> >
> >1) It's NOT universal, and only appears to affect certain printers/
> >print drivers.  I have Canon ImageRunners that have this problem,
> >but I have several HP printers and a Ricoh color laser that doesn't.
> >The Canon printers have the problem no matter what driver I attempt
> >to print with (they support PCL and PostScript.)  I've tried every
> >version of both languages that I could get my hands on.

True. I use a CANON color driver or a Kyocera KX driver for the KM2530. 
Allways the same problem. HP drivers from the Windows CD does not have the 

> >
> >2) It IS an issue with Windows XP SP 2 and Samba.  If I change
> >either of those, i.e., uninstall SP2 or share the printer on another
> >Windows machine (or use a print method other than smb) the problem
> >goes away.

same here.

> >
> >3) You can work around the problem by printing to CUPS/IPP directly.
> >When setting up the printer select "network" printer and then select
> >the "connect to a printer on the Internet..." radio button.  Then
> >you can use the url "http://<servername>:631/printers/printername"
> >to connect to your printer.  This has the distinct drawback of
This is a non point 'n print solution...
> >
> >>Bret Jordan schrieb:
> >>>Also if your printers are in a different VLAN check your firewall
> >>>rules and or router ACLs to make sure the CUPs/Samba server can talk
> >>>about to the clients correctly.  When you do a packet capture you
> >>>will see what I am talking about.
> >>>
> >>>Bret
> >>>
> >>>Darrin Yeager wrote:
> >>>>>On the printer server, we are running samba 3.0.1, and on the WINS
> >>>>>server we are running an older version, 2.2.5.
> >>>>>Recently, some of our computers were upgraded to XP SP2. After the
> >>>>>upgrade, accessing the samba shared printers from the XP machines
> >>>>>was incredibly slow. It would take tens of seconds to even bring
> >>>>>up the printer status window, and printing from acrobat could take
> >>>>>several minutes.
> >>>>
> >>>>You'll have to upgrade the 3.0.1 box -  MS introduced a bug in XP
> >>>>SP2 for printing which samba fixed in the later versions (> 3.0.5 I
> >>>>believe).
> >>>>
> >>>>Look at the release notes for the latest samba version and search
> >>>>for "SP2" and you'll see the problem.
> >>>>
> >>>>http://samba.org/samba/history/samba-3.0.8.html

Not mentioned before:

1st. On my system the problem only occurrs, when the client has a local 
devicemode !
This is created, when the user changes some settings of the printer. 
The devicemode is located in the registry under 
No more slow down, after deleting the devicemode.

Could you please verify, if this is true in your enviroments?

2nd. All drivers I tried out, only have this problem, if they have a large 
private data field in the devicemode. Maybe the problem is related to this.

3rd. The slow down is a loop through the printer's registry values. In the 
network trace I can see GetPrinterData calls over and over.

Hopefully someone gets an idea, how to work around this MS bug.


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