[Samba] Windows 2000 Small Business Server to Samba migration

Eric Peterson srcfoo at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 17:56:36 GMT 2004

Well this has turned out to be a nightmare!

Does anyone have any tips on migrating from SBS to Samba?  The normal
rules seem not to apply... see below.

I have samba 3.0.7 running on Debian Sarge 3.1 and want it to replace
an existing Win2k SBS domain controller.  The Samba machine will be
the PDC and therefore will be doing all the domain authentication.

I was hoping to make the migration as transparent as possible, but it
seems that because it is SBS and not a full version on Win2k Server I
can' t use the existing profiles on the Samba box.  SBS runs in
'Native' mode and therefore it doesn't allow NT style domain
controllers.  Thus I can not use 'net rpc vampire' to copy the SAM
information from AD running on the current Windows box.

So I thought I would just try copying the Windows user profile
directories to the Samba machine and then just script the addition of
user accounts.  The only problem is that all the user settings are
unreadable after this.  I can still login to the domain and access My
Docs and all that good stuff, but all the desktop settings and
application settings seem to be lost or inaccessible.

I think this is because the NTUSER.dat file is inaccessable due to the
SID differences.  I then thought I could use the profiles tool that is
included with Samba-3, but its use is also a bit confusing.

Can anyone help???


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