[Samba] will BDC work if PDC crashes?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Sun Nov 21 17:12:42 GMT 2004

rruegner wrote:
> Hi,
> if you replicated the ldap data base to the slave ldap and setup
> the bdc to use the slave ldap auth will work.
> If you setup the users profiles and homes hosted to the bdc
> machine this will work too.
> Usally your pdc is in an other office over vpn
> so the users in this office should have their homes on the bdc.
> But there are serveral other setups thinkable, you will have the profile
> and homes if the machine on which they are hosted is connectable by the 
> win client machines so it could be i.e a nas server too.
> If you want a redundant setup pdc bdc with homes and profiles
> you have to do a permanent replication from the pdc ( if your homes are 
> there ) to the bdc.
> You can also yous a 3 machine and mount homes and profiles via nfs
> to the bdc and the pdc....
> So there are many setups you can use, choose what fits best to your needs.

Actually, I'm still planning and testing my setup.

It will be the following setup:

1) almost 20 offices in different cities, possibly connected using VPN 
over internet

2) in each office one [Samba Domain Controller + OpenLDAP slave server 
on one machine] and about 30 workstations

3) in one central location [OpenLDAP master server and Samba Domain 
Controller on one machine]

Now this is supposed to have the following features:

1) users can log in in any office (easy with LDAP replication)
2) users' roaming profiles backed up to this central Samba Domain 
Controller each night

Now here comes the tricky part:

If a machine running [Samba Domain Controller + OpenLDAP slave] in any 
of the offices crashes, users should be able to log into that central 
[OpenLDAP master server and Samba Domain Controller on one machine].

Is it possible? If so, how?

Any comments appreciated.


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