[Samba] Active Directory, Listing Users in Groups.

Michael Wray mwray at aimconnect.com
Fri Nov 19 22:30:27 GMT 2004

I have samba 3.0.8, as a member of 2000AD and 2003AD.
I would like to get groups and the members in each group.

The purpose is to maintain a set of Filtering profiles on  squidGuard that
are based on AD groups.  I will have a script that reads a config file with
the groupnames to fetch from Active Directory and a Precedence order to set
them in.  One of the groups will be designated "a NO Access" group which
will get priority over all other groups. The script then based on group
priority will only allow a username to occur in the highest priority group
the user belongs to.
groupfiles in squidguard are src files with
as a line.  Are there any utilities to get the list of groups, and the users
in each group.

Attempting to do wbinfo -r username always fails.
wbinfo -g

wbinfo -u
unable to get domain users

wbinfo -t

ntlmauth works both cleartext and encrypted (My browsers are able to
authenticate successfully using ntlmauth)

I suspect I want some perl utility with LDAP... any hints would be greatly
appreciated..as I seem to have hit a roadblock...I would prefer not to have
to get to deeply involved in the internals of LDAP if possible...as I seem
to remember seeing scripts for this earlier..I just am unable to come up
with how I found them to begin with.

Michael Wray
S4F Technologies, Inc.
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Tulsa, OK 74137
mailto:mwray at s4f.com

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