[Samba] bit by 3.0.8 username map affect on homes share

Tom Schaefer tom at umsl.edu
Fri Nov 19 21:40:36 GMT 2004

Samba is a domain member server authenticating to a MS-Windows domain

With 3.0.7 and all previous version for the past few years I could map a
Windows to Unix userid in the username map file like so..

fred = fredw

His home directory was then accessible as \\servername\fredw so
\\servername\%username% from a Windows NTx client.

I make EXTENSIVE use of that functionality.

I missed the 3.0.8 release where I take it this actually changed but after
spending hours today with the 3.0.9 release today I eventually figure out
that my username map now has to have entries like so..

fred = MYDOMAIN\fredw

fine I can deal with that, but what's killing me is that then a share
named fredw doesn't get automatically created via the [homes] section like
it used to.  

With previous versions of Samba \\servername\fred,
\\servername\homes, and \\servername\fredw where all available.

With the new Samba only \\servername\fred and \\servername\homes are
created, no fredw.

A Windows NT client trying to connect to \\servername\%username% is out of
luck since its effectively using \\servername\fredw.  I have thousands of
such clients.

I have about 14,000 users and over 2500 of them require username mappings
in my username map file and they all access their home share as

Have mercy on me oh gods of Samba.

Tom Schaefer
Unix Admistrator
University of Missouri St. Louis

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