[Samba] Kerberos Ticket Issue

Michael Keller michaelkeller at gmx.de
Fri Nov 19 14:43:44 GMT 2004

Hello List, 

I have a little question regarding the kerberos ticket thing when
installing samba with option security = ads. 

Please could anyone explain to me this system im general. Everything I
know is, that i have to fetch a ticket at the KDC, so that i can do a
net join. After this my samba is visible in the "Computers" section of
the AD. And the Winbind daemon can fetch the users, groups and all that

But after 10 hours my ticket expires. Does this have any effect on the
communication between the samba server and the ADS? 
Or is the ticket only neccesary for the net join and then it isn't used
any longer?

I ask these questions cause i got some really weird messages some days
ago (after the ticket was expired), which wet away after i fetched a new
ticket. And restartet the smb and winbind daemon. But now it seems to
work since two days without renewing ticket or fetching a new one. 

I can't find any detailed information about this kerberos ticket
thing... So if you have got a nice manual about the process of taking
the ticket, joining a ads and so on... please let me know where i cant
get this one. 



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