[Samba] Lagging failed login attempts

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Nov 19 14:39:41 GMT 2004

> > Are failed client logins on the XP clients logged anywhere ?
> > How about non-domain member clients accessing shares ?
> It completely depends on your logging settings.  Perhaps show your 
> smb.conf global section so we can tell.
> In my setup, and from the looks of things around here, a lot of other 
> peoples, is that there is a main log.smbd file and then also a log for 
> each machine.  Check in those if you are so configured.  I'm sure we'll 
> have better info for you once we see your globals.

None of which are terribly useful or consice for loggin access attempts.

You can log successful access attempts into utmp (ala who), but I don't
know of anyway to log failed access attempt.

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