[Samba] Samba cannot sync browser lists.

Alex Scheele alex at ccbeheer.nl
Fri Nov 19 13:59:13 GMT 2004


I have a multi-subnet network with samba servers on all subnets. The master
domain browser is on and is also the wins server. Now we have an
other samba server on which is the local master browser for
its subnet. The config of the local master browser has "wins server =" so it knows about the domain master browser. The problem i am
having is that it somehow cant sync the browse lists.

The error found in the log.nmbd file is as follow:
[2004/11/19 13:13:39, 0]
  Doing a node status request to the domain master browser
  for workgroup WORKGROUP at IP failed.
  Cannot sync browser lists.

For some more info, both samba servers have the same workgroup. The master
browser has the security set to SHARE and the local master has it set to
USER. The networks are connected to each other using a vpn and the
routing/firewalling is all oke.

Anyone have any idea's what could cause this?



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