[Samba] strange error in 3.0.8

mathias schenker mathias.schenker at gymliestal.ch
Fri Nov 19 10:08:27 GMT 2004

I have been using samba 3 as a pdc for a while now. starting with samba
3.0.8 all users get a very strange error upon logging out. windows xp
complains it can't save the profile, or more specifically the Cookies
direcory. windows just says 'access denied'.
this has nothing to do with the actual access rights of the Cookies path.
even if set to 777, this error occurs.
changing back to samba 3.0.7 'solves' the problem.
the config options are 

./configure \
	--prefix=/usr \
	--libdir=/usr/lib \
	--localstatedir=/var/lib/samba \
	--sbindir=/usr/sbin \
	--with-codepagedir=/usr/local/samba/lib/codepages \
	--with-privatedir=/etc/samba \
	--with-configdir=/etc/samba \
	--with-logfilebase=/var/log/samba \
	--with-lockdir=/var/lib/samba \
	--with-automount \
	--with-smbmount \
	--with-smbwrapper \
	--with-piddir=/var/run/samba \
	--with-pam \
	--with-pam_smbpass \
	--with-syslog \
	--with-quotas \
	--with-utmp \
	--with-msdfs \
	--with-vfs \
	--with-libsmbclient \
	--with-acl-support \
	--with-winbind \

I don't think smb.conf is relevant, since everything else is running
smoothly. samba runs as pdc with ldapsam backend.

has anyone else experienced the same problem? is it just a bug that will go
away with the next version, or is it something more profound?

I hope someone can give me a hint and moreover that this serves as a hint to
the developers (who are doing a fantastic job btw.; people are often only
heard when complaining...)

mathias schenker
gymnasium liestal

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