[Samba] Trying to find a bottleneck

Henti Smith henti at geekware.co.za
Fri Nov 19 07:05:39 GMT 2004

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 22:53:05 -0800
Jeff Morrow <jmorrow at jmorrow.org> wrote:

> I then put a roughly 7 MB file on the linux ramdisk 
> and mounted that disk on my windows box via Samba.  I then wrote a
> .bat script on the windows side that copies the file from the linux
> ramdisk to the windows ramdisk over and over again.

I'm a complete newbie, but would using a bigger file not be more accurate. 

Using a 7MB file on a 1Gbit (+- 130Mbit/sec transfer *theoretical*)
is not going to stress the connection. 

My guess would be that the file is transfered without utilizing the line.
and since it's copying back and forth it's est a new connection for each transfer.

then again .. I might be completely wrong ;P 

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