[Samba] Samba and UNC Question

Hendershot, Zach zhendershot at cranel.com
Thu Nov 18 22:28:35 GMT 2004

Good afternoon,
	We have a program that we run on a customer's machine. This program
will essentially run a bash script stored on a network server via samba.
During the execution of this script it runs a variety of Cygwin programs
over the wire. Normally, during our tests and on a variety of other machines
the commands it runs locally are executed very quickly. However, we have
found a few customers who have groups of machines that will run incredibly
slowly, universally the commands that are run take up to 40 times longer to
execute. While examining the network traffic between the machines we see
that the server response times are perfectly acceptable. Also data transfer
rates are within limits. My question is, do you know of any particular
configuration variables or server configuration variables that might lead to
the problems that we are currently seeing? I understand that this might be a
Cygwin problem, but since samba is playing an integral role in the delivery
and coordination between the two machines I though somebody might have seen
something like this before. Thank you very much for any comments you might

                Zach Hendershot
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|  Cranel, Inc.
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