[Samba] Connecting Suse9.2 to Samba shares in a windows network

Michael Kelly mkelly at victoria.komex.com
Thu Nov 18 19:56:24 GMT 2004

Sounds good. I have looked at the [homes] share in samba but have not
implemented it. I will do some research on that ans await the info from
your smb.conf tomorrow. 
Thanks again 
Michael Kelly 
>>><joec at aracnet.com> 11/18 9:54 am >>> 
Michael Kelly <mkelly at victoria.komex.com> wrote : 
>Hi and thank you for your reply, 
>I am reasonably knowledgeably about Linux. I tried using fstab as
>a last resort, almost something you know is not going to work, but you 
>do it anyway out of frustration. 
Yup.. been there done that... 
>I will explain a little further. 
>The users who will be testing the Linux Workstations also have Windows 
>workstations, not dual boot, but a different machine. While on Windows,

>these users My Documents directories are stored on the file server. To 
>the user, all data appearing to be stored in the local My Documents 
>directory is actually on the file server. When the user logs into their

>Windows workstation they are connected to their My Documents directory 
>on the Samba file server by means of their username. I do not have 
>access to the smb.conf at this moment, but from what I remember this is

>the share definition to achieve to above. 
Okay... makes perfect sense now! 
1 - Create user accounts for all of your users on the linux stations 
2 - Create a 'My Documents' directory on each account 
3 - There is a smba share command that allows users to map directly to
their own account. I think it is the [homes] share. 
There is a Craig Hunt Publishers book on Samba. This is one of the
better ones out there. I am away from my home network, but I can send
the link from my smb.conf file when I return home tomorrow. But I think
the above will work. No scripts, just edits to your smb.conf file should
do it. 
This is what I suspected you wanted to do. Thank you for verifying. 

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