[Samba] Connecting Suse9.2 to Samba shares in a windows network

Michael Kelly mkelly at victoria.komex.com
Thu Nov 18 17:43:09 GMT 2004

Hi All, 
Our office is running somes tests by introducing a couple of Linux
workstations into the mix to see how they fair. I am however having some
issues connecting these workstations to the shares offered by our Samba
3.02 server. 
I know that this is not really a samba issue, but I thought I might be
able to get some help here to rectify my problems. I apologize if this
is too far off topic for this list. 
Here is the setup: 
It is a basic workgroup network, no domain, with no PDC or anything of
that sort. Authentication for the shares is done simply by having a
macthing username/password on a win2000Pro workstation. The majority of
shares on the server have the SUID and SGID set to a certain user for
simplicity and to resolve the Microsoft Office file locking issues.
However, each user's My Documents directory is a server share that is
accessed automatically by way of the username used on the workstation. I
have left out a few details, but they are unimportant. 
I do not want the users to have to mount any drives themselves on the
Linux workstations so I would like them to be mounted automatically when
the user logs in, not at boot time, but login time as these Linux
workstations will be multiuser so will need to mount different My
Documents directories. 
I have put the share definitions into fstab, but that will not do the My
Documents correctly. I have also tried using autofs which works well for
the regular shares, but again does not work for My Documents. I have
found info on doing something similar with an NFS filesystem but nothing
pertaining to smbfs and what I am trying to do with the My Documents
I am currently mounting them via a script that is called from .bashrc.
This works, but it just does not seem very elegant and I know that it
can be done better in Linux, I am just not sure how. 
I would like these tests to pass with flying colors to show the higher
ups that Linux will work as a workstation, but having to write a custom
script for each user to be able to mount the Samba shares will not help
my case. 
As I said before, I need everything to happen at automatically as any
people that will be working with these Linux workstations are not
computer savy. 
Thanks for any ideas 
Michael Kelly 

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