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Ronald James ronaldj at metroweb.co.za
Thu Nov 18 09:35:47 GMT 2004

Hi there


I have a question and it appears it cannot be done on Samba 3 and higher. I
want to have administrator rights on each pc in my network. I notice that
Domain Admin Groups was removed. I never used this feature so would not know
exactly what it does. However since I am now using Samba 3 it wont really be
of any use to me.


Is there a way, without having to goto each computer and allow domain users
to have administrator rights ? I am supporting clients and some of them have
150 pc's, I cant see myself having to go to 150 machines to allow the
administrator admin privelages etc. I also install a software (anti virus)
that requires admin rights, this is done automatically through the network,
however not when you don't have actual admin privies.


If it cannot be done, could someone here who is into development possibly
look into the source and try to get it to work ?




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