[Samba] iplanet ldap and samba

synrat synrat at wirewalk.org
Wed Nov 17 18:49:56 GMT 2004

Is there a good how-to on getting samba to work
with Iplanet LDAP ? I already installed it and started
configuring from bits and pieces I could find with google, but
there're still many things missing. I also found a posting that said
samba schema for Iplanet5 shipped with Samba 3.0.8 isn't up to date.
What would need to be changed ?

Basically I'm looking for a complete walkthrough, modify/import schema, 
settings, users to create, etc...

also, is it at all possible to get Samba users authenticated via LDAP or 
PAM without having any lm, SSID and other attributes, basically relying 
only on successful LDAP bind or PAM success ?

thank you

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