[Samba] 3.0.7 problems with LDAP groups

Nathan Benson nathan.benson at sourcefire.com
Wed Nov 17 16:43:22 GMT 2004

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I just upgraded samba to 3.0.7 from 3.0.4, and am now having trouble
with my groups.  I used to be able to log into a windows machine and
request a share that I didn't have access to, and it would then ask me
for a username/password to connect to the share (as it should).

I would then add myself (or whatever user) to the proper LDAP group
entry that was responsible for that share.  I would then try the share
again and it would either let me right in, or prompt me for the username
and password.  If I got prompted, I entered my username/password, and I
was given access to the share.

Now my problem is that since upgrading to 3.0.7, this is no longer the
case.  I have to log out and log back in for me to gain access to the
share.  So, it seems that samba is caching the groups I belong to when
I log in, and not querying the LDAP server again when I provide
credentials when prompted.

I am sure that is is probably something trivial that I am missing, but
I am indeed missing it.  I would appreciate any input on this, as it is
more than mildly annoying.


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