[Samba] Limit the size of file sended to samba server

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas.ecarnot at accim.com
Wed Nov 17 14:23:00 GMT 2004


I'm looking for a way to prevent users to send BIG files to a samba server.

After some research, I discovered that :

- There are option in smb.conf that deal with quota (get/set quota 
commands), but the quotas deal with the total amount of data you put in 
a partition (a file system), not the size of one file

- There is an option to limit the amount of octets sent in a samba 
session, but I doubt this has to deal with my question

- Some advice me to modify the script that launches the smb server, 
(that is launched by root) to add a 'ulimit' command before the launch.
This may work, but I don't know if this command will act on this 
script/environnement alone, or will act on everything is done by root on 
this server (that would not fit)

So, I can't believe I'm the first guy to have this problem, with users 
sending huge MPEGs in the boss's financial subdirectories :o)

How would you do that (except napalm) ?

Nicolas Ecarnot

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