[Samba] Problem running kde

Tilo Lutz TiloLutz at gmx.de
Mon Nov 15 08:02:12 GMT 2004


> >   mount -t cifs -o username=test // /home/test

> Not to completely dodge the question, but are you intending to always
> mount back to localhost or another unix machine for your automount
> sources?  You may want to look at nfs for unix-unix remote fs tasks.
> Samba is fantastic for it's purpose, but you're doing a double
> conversion here.  That being a posix filesystem which samba makes look
> like cifs on the server, then the samba client takes cifs and makes it
> look like a posix filesystem.

NFS is too insecure because it trusts remote id numbers and there
is no way of authentication. Everone able to be root on a client
can read all data on my server.

NFSv4 does have authentication but I haven't found a usable server and
client for linux.

AFS is no option because it's too big and not easy to understand.

Cheers, Tilo

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