[Samba] 98 reboots after login

robert robert at spotswood-computer.net
Sat Nov 13 23:18:24 GMT 2004

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I'll have to test that, but I know this isn't the case now. The accounts that 
crash on the problem machines work fine on other machines. Permissions 
shouldn't change depending on which machine. (Is there a way to change rights 
depending on where you login from? I remember NT4.0 could limit logins to 
specific clients.) Doesn't matter which account I use either. I'm really 
starting to think it's local to the client and may not have anything to with 
the server. But why two clients and not the rest, and why do 2 others do it 
only intermittently?

On Saturday 13 November 2004 17:08, you wrote:
> I remember this happening if a user can't write to his home directory.
> > Yes. I removed all startup programs and services using a clean boot
> > procedure to no avail. I doubt that was the cause anyway. The samba
> > machine has a simple login script. The reboot happens before the script
> > is called.
> >
> > On Friday 12 November 2004 23:30, Kemas wrote:

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Fail to learn history-repeat it.
Fail to learn rights-lose them.
Learn both-get screwed by previous two groups.
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