[Samba] Windows XP SP2 slow printing solution

Bret Jordan bret.jordan at utah.edu
Sat Nov 13 00:11:17 GMT 2004

Also if your printers are in a different VLAN check your firewall rules 
and or router ACLs to make sure the CUPs/Samba server can talk about to 
the clients correctly.  When you do a packet capture you will see what I 
am talking about.


Darrin Yeager wrote:
>>On the printer server, we are running samba 3.0.1, and on the WINS
>>server we are running an older version, 2.2.5. 
>>Recently, some of our computers were upgraded to XP SP2. After the
>>upgrade, accessing the samba shared printers from the XP machines was
>>incredibly slow. It would take tens of seconds to even bring up the
>>printer status window, and printing from acrobat could take several
> You'll have to upgrade the 3.0.1 box -  MS introduced a bug in XP SP2 for 
> printing which samba fixed in the later versions (> 3.0.5 I believe).
> Look at the release notes for the latest samba version and search for "SP2" 
> and you'll see the problem.
> http://samba.org/samba/history/samba-3.0.8.html

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