[Samba] General Questions: Regards ADS

Rashaad S. Hyndman IslandBwoy at ToughGuy.net
Fri Nov 12 19:44:14 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I have been playing with getting my samba server to participate in an Acive
Directory domain for some time and have noticed a couple things about when i
get the machine working (or so i think).  One is that when the machine joins
the domian it always show up as a domain controller.  I dont want this to
happen.  I simply wish for it to be able to authenticate users to its share
based on the domain users.  Therefore, only users on the domain should be
able to get to the samba shares!  Up to this point in have been doing the

1. relam = MY.REALM
2. security = ADS
3. encrypt passwords = yes
 and configuring my winbind file.

Is this all i have to do? Do i have the wrong impression as to what ADS
security provides?  Again, all i want to do is avoid having to create a user
for EVERYone on my domain and two allow domain users to authenticate to the
samba shares.

Thanks for your help,

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