[Samba] libldap is needed for LDAP support

David Evans-Roberts d.evans-roberts at hrwallingford.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 16:12:44 GMT 2004

I am having a problem running configure, under Solaris 9.  I get the above
error message.  I get this problem, with both 3.0.7 and 3.0.8.  The command
I am running is :

./configure --prefix=/usr/sfw --sysconfdir=/etc/sfw --with-smbwrapper
--with-acl-support --w
ith-ldap --with-ldapsam --with-ads --with-krb5=/usr/lib/krb5

I get this with the Sun ldap libraries (which I asummme are OpenLDAP by
anonther name) in /usr/lib, and also with the OpenLDAP libraries in
/usr/local/lib.  In both cases libldap is there.

I noticed a similar query in early October, but could not find a response.
Any help gratefully received.


David Evans-Roberts
daveer at hrwallingford.co.uk
Systems Administrator
HR Wallingford			


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