[Samba] having problem with multipale interfaces

najeeb najo at bmc.edu.pk
Fri Nov 12 07:33:03 GMT 2004


I am having some prob with my samba. I am runing samba as a PDC and one 
one interface it works better when I put another interface as I have 
more networks it gives me a message that the following domain is not 
avaliable. I don't know what prob it can be I have changed smb.conf 
many times with the follwing but still not able to get it work.


and with this also I have tried

interface= eth0

but still it doesn't work I don't have for the time being any firewall 
on my network I can ping the other network client from samba but can't 
conect it with samba. I am really worry about it what it can be plz 
help me out with this. I will be really thank full to you people.
thanks in advance

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