[Samba] insconsistent server behavior

Dominic Bâ bad at imarcom.net
Fri Nov 12 04:21:39 GMT 2004



I have a little problem regarding the use of the include directive in
smb.conf. In fact, when a user logs from a Windows XP client, every works as
expected, but there is something missing when the same users logs from a
Windows Me box. Here is the information about the setup:



Os: Slackware 10.0 (2.4.26)

Service: Samba 3.0.4 (as PDC)

Netbios Name : TUX


Client 1

Os: Windows XP SP1

Netbios Name: xp


Client 2

Os: Windows Me

Netbios Name: me



Here is the content of my /etc/samba directory:



me.conf -> /etc/samba/second_floor.conf

xp.conf -> /etc/samba/first_floor.conf




Here is the content of the smb.conf file




logon script = common.bat




include /etc/samba/%m.conf


Here is the content of first_floor.conf



 logon script = first.bat





Here is the content of second_floor.conf



logon script = second.bat




The unusual behavior is located in the logon script directive of the global
section. When a user logs from XP, the executed script is first.bat. On the
other hand, when the same user logs from ME, the executed script is


I did try to force an include of me.conf and first.conf in smb.conf (instead
of %m.conf) and the behavior is back to normal, i.e. the executed script is
first.bat. As a matter of fact, it seems that the directives of the global
section are not parsed when a file is included with a variable (%m in that
case) when the client request is from a Windows Me Box. The rest of the file
is interpreted properly i.e. the shares are defined.


Does anyone encountered this kind of problem?


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