[Samba] Migration to Samba

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 20:47:28 GMT 2004

Dean Landry wrote:

> I'm migrating to Samba on about 50 desktops.  After I join the domain 
> (this is on Windows 2k or XP) I get a whole new set of settings (under 
> documents and settings).  Is there a way to tell Windows to use the 
> old directory?  It matches their username on samba if that helps.  
> Note, I'm using local profiles.
> Thanks,
> Dean

XP and 2k will try to use a directory under "documents and settings" for 
users profiles, from the domain or local or roaming. If the directory 
already exists, it will try username.domain and then username.domain.001 
If you want to keep users settings, you will need to copy them over - i 
am not aware of a tool to force it to use existing settings.
To move the users over, log on as the new user, then log in as an 
administrator. Right click "my computer" > advanced tab > User Profiles: 
In this window, select the old user (probably COMPUTERNAME\username) and 
click "copy to" > Browse to "documents and 
settings"/newusername.domainname > OK. Change "permitted to use" and add 
the user in the format DOMAIN\username (just username will not work for 
domain users)
Hope that helps

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