[Samba] Slow login/out with XP and SAMBA PDC?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Thu Nov 11 18:07:16 GMT 2004

> > > I thought the profile copy was smart and only copied files that had
> > > changed? What can I do improve this performance?
> > Maybe theoretically, but we've seen it 'stupid' on frequent occasions.
> > Really best just to redirect the My Documents short cut to a real share
> > (such as a home directory) that doesn't have to get copied all over the
> > place.
> Along this same note ... I am pondering the implications of mapping certain 
> parts of the profile (My Documents, maybe My Pictures) to a network drive.  
> But I think this won't work for my truly roaming users (laptop users).  Do 
> any of you redirect the profile directories based on membership of, say, a 

We use some substitution smarts on the samba side to direct what a user
sees as \\{server}\Documents, but otherwise we only use policies (via
ntconfig.pol) for making changes on the client.

> 'laptop' group or some such thing?  I know that I can write registry keys 
> based on group membership with Kixtart.  Or am I wrong and laptops won't have 
> a problem with it?  If a laptop user saves a file in "My Documents" they will 
> expect to have access to the file even when offline.  Thoughts?  I would just 
> like to know how you all generally handle it.

We disable roaming profiles on laptops; they only lead to user confusion
in that case (IMHO).  You can still syncronize other folders using M$'s
sync thingy, or use something like Novell's iFolder.

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