[Samba] Name not resolved in SWAT server status page

Plant, Dean dean.plant at roke.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 17:19:41 GMT 2004


I am testing samba-vscan 0.3.5 / clamav 0.8 with samba 3.0.7 built from
source on Solaris 9. With the samba server being a member of an MS active
directory domain.

Everything works as expected with viruses detected, removed or quarantined
but sometimes when a virus is found there is no warning message sent to the
windows box.

On the SWAT status page I noticed that some active connections don't show
client machine names and some do. This seems to link with if the virus
notifications are sent correctly or not.

If the name shows in the client column the notification is sent, if the name
is not showing the notification fails.

PID	Client		IP address		Date 		
2536	Thu Nov 11 09:03:20 2004
25637	mars	Wed Nov 10 11:21:21 2004

I tested this previously with samba 3.0.2 which was part of an NT domain and
had no problems. 

Can anyone advise what to check to find why some IP's are resolved and some
are not.

Thanks in advance.

Dean Plant

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