[Samba] Suse 9.2/Samba 3.0.8 question

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Nov 11 17:06:21 GMT 2004

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Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:
|> I just updated Samba on a PC to 3.0.8.  The PC is running
|> a recent upgrade to SuSE 9.2 Pro.
|> Before upgrading the Network Browing worked fine,
|> particularly the Windows Network browsing.  Since
|> upgrading to 3.0.8 yesterday, whenever I try to do
|> that I get the following errors:
|> "An error occurred while loading smb:/:
|>	Could not start process Unable to create io-slave:
|>	klauncher said: Error loading 'kio_smb'."
|>Any ideas?
| It is a KDE issue, not a Samba one.  I don't know _what_
| the KDE problem is,  but kio* is the way that KDE
| interacts with devices.  Try smbmount instead.

Nope.  This is our fault I think.

There was a bug in the libsmbclient.so link commands.  Has
been fixed and there will be a 3.0.9 soon I think.

cheers, jerry
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