[Samba] Slow login/out with XP and SAMBA PDC?

Fred Hebert fhebert at FJHConsulting.com
Wed Nov 10 17:17:42 GMT 2004

I have a small home LAN with a SAMBA PDC and 3 XP workstations.  When I log
in or shutdown, it takes a few minutes to copy the user profile info.  It
was only happening on my system, but I recently showed my wife how to make
her own CDs.  She ripped about 20 CDs using ROXIO which stores the MP3's in
the users profile.  When she went to reboot it took about 5 minutes to save
and restore the profile, when previously it only took about a minute.  It
expected this the first time because it needed to copy all of the CDs to the
profile directory on the server.  The problem is that now it takes 5 minutes
EVERY time.

I thought the profile copy was smart and only copied files that had changed?
What can I do improve this performance?

Not related to this problem, but I wrote a utility to synchronize files
between two directory trees.  I had to put some fuzzy logic in the date
comparison routine because on some systems file time stamps are rounded to
the nearest 2 seconds and would always compare as different.  Do you think
XP is having a similar problem with the profile copy?

Thanks in advance,

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