[Samba] winbind use default domain

Hamish captainmish at gmx.net
Wed Nov 10 15:40:07 GMT 2004

Hello Everyone
I have set winbind use default domain, but am getting this in the log:

[2004/11/10 15:16:33, 2] smbd/close.c:close_normal_file(262)
  MYDOMAIN+Debbie closed file Sage10/ACCDATA/SALINDEX.DTA (numopen=1)
[2004/11/10 15:16:34, 2] smbd/open.c:open_file(245)
  Debbie opened file Sage10/ACCDATA/NOMINAL.DTA read=Yes write=No 

Not a big deal, but any ideas why it is using MYDOMAIN+user for open and 
just user for close?

Samba 3.0.7 on SuSE 9.0


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