[Samba] Re: Windows 2000 Scheduler Permission Problem

Lars Kirchhoff kirchhoff at ieb.net
Wed Nov 10 10:40:56 GMT 2004

Thanks Gordon. thats what I did already. It didn't worked with a normal
domain account or the domain administration account. With both accounts
I could connect to the samba box and copy files without any problem.

I solved the problem now somehow, but haven't a clue why. At some point
I skipped trying to map the directory as a drive on the windows server.
I used UNC-Pathes instead to copy the files. I used xxcopy to sync files
between the windows server and the samba box. The samba box directory was
filled with files from a previous sync process. In the first attempt to
overwrite these files it didn't worked. As soon as I moved the files and
folders to another temporary directory and restartet the sync process
everything just worked fine. So the problem was overwriting old files.
In the first moment I thought it was due to a permission problem. But I
compared the old files with the new synced ones with getfacl and found
no difference.
I don't see what went wrong, but I can assume that it has something
to do that we moved our system from a SuSE Linux Samba installation to a
Debian Sarge Samba installation. All files are mounted from a NAS storage.

Has somebody an idea what could cause that behaviour?

> W2k by default runs scheduled tasks as "system" user, which isnt a samba
> user. somewhere in the config of the W2K job schedule interface (it may
> be under an "advanced" button) you can change the user that the job runs
> under. Change it to a user who is in your samba system, and can
> read/write the share you want to access.

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