[Samba] Migrating from a samba PDC to another

Menicolo Palla inny at fastwebnet.it
Wed Nov 10 09:01:53 GMT 2004


I have a Samba 2.2.8a server (PDC) on SuSE Linux 9.0 and I need to
substitute it with another pc running FreeBSD because the first one has
stability problems.
My windows network has only Win2K and WinXP pcs.
I recreated the same directory structure on the seconf machine and
copied all the files and the permissions.
I tried copying my smb.conf to the other pc, I setted up the same ip
address and hostname of the other one, and recreated the corresponding
users, but I couldn't log on using windows because of the machine
account mismatch.
So I tried to copy the smbpasswd and secrets.tdb files from the PDC and
I substituted the files on the new machine with those files (and I
rewrote UIDs in smbpasswd to match the UIDs of the new machine).
After this modification I could log on from windows, but the profile
settings were not loaded: the profile files (such as desktop files) have
been loaded, but there were no restrictions from the NTCONFIG.POL file,
no wallpaper, and I could not open Office programs, because they said
that files were missing...
So I tried to backup the smbpasswd and secrets.tdb files and subsitute
them with the original machine files. I disconnected a windows machine
from the domain and I reconnected it to the domain. After this operation
I could log from windows to the PDC, but I had the same problems I just
The version of Samba on FreeBSD is 2.2.12.

I don't really think this is a matter of Samba versions or OS type.

Is there any procedure to migrate from a Samba PDC to another?

I would really appreciate anyone's help.


Zanoni Marco
inny at fastwebnet.it

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