[Samba] Roaming Profiles

Joe Aldeguer jaldeguer at safnow.net
Tue Nov 9 21:18:09 GMT 2004

I found the support I needed to hear! Linux is much harder to setup but
the sense of accomplishment makes up for it. I'm also getting tired of 
keeping track of costly client, server licenses on MS including virus or
worm threats design to exploit Windows Vulnerabilities.

By the way I did buy your book SAMBA (Bruce Peren's) Open Source series. I
like the way you use scenarios to describe different network setups. Easy
to follow and interesting to read.

I forgot to ask the lists about how you guys use SAMBA to distribute Group
Policies. Is the implementation about the same using Win 2k AD?

Thank you.


> Joe,
> Given how many MS Windows sites use roaming profiles it is safe to say
that it
> is stable enough.
> Do you mean is Samba stable enough? Well again, we have a huge number of
users, I'd say it is.
> OK. So if you mean does Samba handle profile in a stable manner? Samba
> not handle profiles - the Windows client does. The windows client reads
> users' profile from the profile share and writes it back on logout.
> I have set up hundreds of sites that use roaming profiles with a Samba
> controller - so far none have had any problems. That does not means that
problems do not exist, but if they do the users have not noticed them or are
> too reluctant to report them. I'll leave that to your interpretation.
> Pitfalls? Well, if you follow Chapter 6 of the Samba-3 By Example book
> you
> have a problem I'll help you to solve it - so far as the problem is
> of being solved.
> Oh, if you do not want to buy the book - download it for free from
> Cheers,
> John T.
> On Tuesday 09 November 2004 09:05, Joe Aldeguer wrote:
>> I'm mulling over the idea of replacing my Win 2k MS AD using Samba. But
I'd like to retain roaming profile capability for all my users. Based on
>> your experience is it stable enough to implement for a production
>> I have only 30 using Win 2k Pro and some XP.
>> What are the pit falls I need to look out for?
>> Thank you!
>> Joe
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