[Samba] Roaming Profiles

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Tue Nov 9 17:35:43 GMT 2004

Hi Joe,
i have samba 3 running for 100 Users with roaming profiles
in 3 offices over openvpn and it works like charme.
But before you migrate i recommend you to setup a small
samba test server and a few clients for testing and playing
with it.
Also do a deep study of the faqs.
Sharing roaming profiles with different win versions is not recommended
as it is so on win servers too.

Joe Aldeguer schrieb:
> I'm mulling over the idea of replacing my Win 2k MS AD using Samba. But
> I'd like to retain roaming profile capability for all my users. Based on
> your experience is it stable enough to implement for a production
> environment?
> I have only 30 using Win 2k Pro and some XP.
> What are the pit falls I need to look out for?
> Thank you!
> Joe

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