[Samba] LDAP suffix question

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at videotron.ca
Tue Nov 9 16:22:23 GMT 2004


I would like to have a DIT similar to this for my Samba server :

ou=People,dc=domain,dc=com: users accounts
ou=Group,dc=Domain,dc=com: groups
ou=Hosts,dc=domain,dc=com: machine accounts
ou=Samba,dc=domain,dc=com: Samba specific stuff, such as sambaDomain, 
sambaUnixIdPool, etc

My understanding is that "ldap [user|group|machine] suffix" is relative 
to "ldap suffix".  Example :

ldap suffix = dc=domain,dc=com
ldap user suffix = ou=People

Thus, the effective "ldap user suffix" would be ou=People,dc=domain,dc=com.

This does not match the DIT I would like to achieve, as I would need to 
specify "lateral" suffix for user, group, machine.  I tried :

ldap suffix = ou=Samba,dc=domain,dc=com
ldap user suffix = ou=People,dc=domain,dc=com

But it does not work. Any idea how to achieve that ?

The reason I would like to design my DIT in such a way is strictly 
cosmetic, as I would prefer not to clutter the root with sambaDomain and 
sambaUnixIdPool entry.

Thanks !

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