[Samba] Re: distribute/deploy software to clients

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Tue Nov 9 02:31:35 GMT 2004

Hey men, i will be the first which uses a new solution in open source
so tell when youre ready.
I d only wanted to describe which problems are accour in bigger networks 
with allready on the market solutions, i dont wanted
somebody held away from hacking new and better ways
I would prefer a apt-get install solution for windows *g
Youre all right it is time to start a new project about this,
so i will be the firs beta tester if youre on the way
Best Regards

Simon Hobson schrieb:
> Michael Lueck wrote:
>>> So writing a all featured solution would be
>>> to much for a open source project i think.
>> No, it is just that a proper solution to the problem requires 
>> different work procedures and tools to arrive at the desired 
>> end-point. It is not simply "take what we have today and plug in a 
>> tool to fix it all"... the proper solution requires starting over on a 
>> clean piece of paper and building a system which answers all of the 
>> requirements presented in computing today. Adding duct tape tools to 
>> today's patchwork quilt of computing is just one more piece in the 
>> patchwork quilt, it's not a new picture at all.
> Spot on ! But isn't that an argument to scrap Windows ;-)
>>> Perhaps MS sometime will release a good
>>> working solution themselves, then the way would be free
>>> to clone this with open source
>> Why do you think all good ideas must first come from M$, then to have 
>> a subset of the features implemented in a free / open source version. 
>> M$ does not have the vision market cornered by any means!
> It's not that only MS can have the vision, they are the ONLY player with 
> the clout to make anything new in that line happen :-(
> The open source community could come up with a perfect, fully featured, 
> gold plated solution - but unless MS were to endorse it then it simply 
> would NOT get the support from the application vendors. Without the 
> support of the application vendors, then it isn't going to solve the 
> difficulties of installing and configuring applications.
> However, if MS come up with a solution, you can bet that it will be full 
> of security holes, be insanely complicated, and require all the esoteric 
> stuff they can throw into the pot 'because it's there' - oh yes, and it 
> won't work how the documentation say it does.
> Simon

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