[Samba] Printer properties and [print$]

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Mon Nov 8 18:55:43 GMT 2004


Forgive me for the numerous questions lately.  There is something I don't 
understand about [print$].  In the Windows GUI you can see all kinds of 
options for the printers.  If you set these options in the GUI in the 
server's [printers] share, do the properties get saved to the server?  Is 
there any way to control the defaults that get sent to the clients?

The specific issue I am dealing with is that I have one printer whose media 
type is supposed to default to 'none' but instead defaults to 28# type 2 
paper, and this causes the printer to pause and wait for this special paper 
until the user goes and intervenes.  I can't find where on the server this 
setting is coming from.  It hardly seems like an appropriate default, and the 
driver doesn't default that way when it's stored on the client only.  I'm 
just trying to find why this strange behavior is happening.

Thanks for your help,

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