[Samba] Re: distribute/deploy software to clients

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Mon Nov 8 17:06:55 GMT 2004

Michael Lueck wrote:

>>So writing a all featured solution would be
>>to much for a open source project i think.
>No, it is just that a proper solution to the problem requires 
>different work procedures and tools to arrive at the desired 
>end-point. It is not simply "take what we have today and plug in a 
>tool to fix it all"... the proper solution requires starting over on 
>a clean piece of paper and building a system which answers all of 
>the requirements presented in computing today. Adding duct tape 
>tools to today's patchwork quilt of computing is just one more piece 
>in the patchwork quilt, it's not a new picture at all.

Spot on ! But isn't that an argument to scrap Windows ;-)

>>Perhaps MS sometime will release a good
>>working solution themselves, then the way would be free
>>to clone this with open source
>Why do you think all good ideas must first come from M$, then to 
>have a subset of the features implemented in a free / open source 
>version. M$ does not have the vision market cornered by any means!

It's not that only MS can have the vision, they are the ONLY player 
with the clout to make anything new in that line happen :-(

The open source community could come up with a perfect, fully 
featured, gold plated solution - but unless MS were to endorse it 
then it simply would NOT get the support from the application 
vendors. Without the support of the application vendors, then it 
isn't going to solve the difficulties of installing and configuring 

However, if MS come up with a solution, you can bet that it will be 
full of security holes, be insanely complicated, and require all the 
esoteric stuff they can throw into the pot 'because it's there' - oh 
yes, and it won't work how the documentation say it does.


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