[Samba] HKCU\Printers\Connections subkeys

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Mon Nov 8 15:39:23 GMT 2004

Is there a way to predict what the subkeys in here will be called if you are 
using Samba+Cups+[print$] to manage your printers?  It's calling the printer 
the driver name, not the printer share name.  I need to write a script that 
checks for the existence of the printer and adds it if it is not there, and I 
am running into a brick wall here because depending on the version of Windows 
and whether the client is using the PS or PCL driver for some of these 
printers, the driver might be called a completely different thing.

I understand that in 3.0.8 there will be a parameter to make the printer name 
be the share name, not the driver name.  I eagerly await it, but I need my 
scripts to work possibly sooner than 3.0.8 will be released (I checked on 
samba.org and no release date for it yet).


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