[Samba] v3.0.4 and remote browsing over VPN (fwd)

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Subject: [Samba] v3.0.4 and remote browsing over VPN
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Greetings All,
  Here's my situation:

I'm attempting to connect two Samba v3.0.4 (on slack 10) boxes over a 
VPN/Firewall for cross-subnet browsing.
Side "A" of my setup consists of a Win95-WinXP network behind a Cisco pix 501, 
and is  subnet 192.168.1.XXX
Side "B" of my setup consists of an NT4 network behind another pix 501, and is 
subnet 192.168.2.XXX
Each subnet has it's own workgroup.

All machines have static IPs, and I am able to ping any machine from any 
machine.  Each Samba box's IP is: 192.168.XXX.20

To this point, I have done this with each Samba box:
1) Install Slackware 10
2) chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.smbd
3) edited inetd.conf for use of SWAT
4) used SWAT to configure smbd.conf

.1.20 is "Domain Master Controller", has "WINS support" enabled, "remote 
Announces" itself to the .2.20 box, and "remote browse syncs" itself to 
the .2.20 box.  I have also increased "os level" to 65 to insure the election 

.2.20 configuration is similar, except that it is only a "Local Master" and is 
set to announce and sync itself to .1.20

These configs worked to the point of creating the local subnets' browse lists, 
this I am sure of because I have noticed a general speedup in "Network 
Neighborhood"/"My Network Places" while browsing locally from each subnet.

My problem is that while I can see the other subnet's workgroup, there are no 
computers populating it (even the Samba box).  I have been struggling with this 
for some time now, and even after having dissected the helpfiles, I am still 
coming up at a loss.  Any help would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated, and thanks 
for reading this far.

Luke A
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