[Samba] Unix-Windows Kerberized Setup

Lucas Machado thru.being.cool at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 00:24:24 GMT 2004

the following is the current network setup i have running:

Unix KDC, Windows Active Directory, and a bunch of clients that dual
boot Windows 2k and Fedora Linux. Right now the KDC only supplies the
ticket granting ticket to the clients and they use this to get the
ticket granting service from the Active Directory.  My question is, if
I want to map a drive on these clients using Samba, do I have to add
Samba to the Active Directory or can I leave it outside the Active

I didn't set up this network, my only job is to set up the Samba part.
I know a little bit about Samba (simply installing & using it), but I
don't know too much about Kerberos or Active Directory (yet). If any
other information is needed to answer my question or if you are simply
confused just let me know. I have looked around on the net and in the
Samba documentation and have found information about Samba working
with AD and Kerberos, but I have not found information on whether or
not it is NECCESSARY to put Samba in the AD. Note: I'm not asking for
how to do this, just simply whether or not it is possible.

Lucas Machado

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