[Samba] Spoof server name to redirect calls to another server?

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Sun Nov 7 22:00:17 GMT 2004

Leon Stringer írta:

>I've got an ageing NT4 server on our NT4 domain. The hardware is getting
>unreliable and few people use it. Unfortunately/predicatably the few
>people who use it are senior staff and they have some (important,
>naturally) Excel spreadsheets which link to files on this server by
>As I haven't been entirely successful in weening them off this server
>I've been keeping it ticking over but I wondered if there was a way to
>remove the server but keep the UNC name for the share alive and get it
>redirected to another location, i.e. I get rid of SERVER1 but somehow
>keep requests for \\SERVER1\SHARE going to \\SERVER2\SHARE.
>Is there a Samba solution to this?
>Thanks in advance for any help,
See smb.conf manpage for netbios alias, or a DNS CNAME record if you 
aren't using NETBIOS at all

Good Luck!


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