[Samba] Re: distribute/deploy software to clients

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Sun Nov 7 21:19:38 GMT 2004

Michael Lueck wrote:

>> See your competition's demo - unattended - 
>> http://www.technikz.de/down/howto.mpeg - to get an idea how it works.
> Big deal... "silent installs" have been around for more than 10 years. 
> If they are so great then why do fat clients still stink in general 
> today? How does a silent install fix the fact that someone deleted 
> program.exe, or a virus corrupted it, or someone copied notepad.exe over 
> top of program.exe and so forth.

I'm not telling they are great or anything (end-user can have hard times 
getting it started) - all I told is that it's one of two *free* tools 
If user has no administrative rights, he/she can't simply 
delete/overwrite a program anyway.

> Leave the PC on 24x7 and allow the ESD to wake up at night an run. 
> Thanks to "green" technology it won't suck to much power all night. 
> Otherwise ESD should catch up at next power on, not when the user 
> actually finally logs in. (NT Service, catches up at next power-on)

Yeah, that's one solution, but I'm too afraid few people do it.

Besides, Windows tends to run better more often it's rebooted :)



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