[Samba] Re: distribute/deploy software to clients

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Sun Nov 7 20:48:08 GMT 2004

Michael Lueck wrote:
> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>> Well, this is not how you promote your software.
> Would you rather I did things the M$ way: selling windows via a flash 
> presentation when there is no real working prototype behind it? You 
> remember that IS how Windows was born. It was a do-nothing demo, they 
> sold it, then they had to figure out how to make it real... aren't they 
> still doing that? ("Windows File System" for example ROTFLOL!)

OK, so first you complain you don't have enough money to release your 
software as open source, then you don't seem o like the idea to sell it?

So is your software a prototype or what?

>> One link on Opus 3...
>> but I don't think that's it :)
> No, think music, then you understand my use of the word "Opus"

sorry, misunderstanding :)

>> do you have any working demo (avi or flash presentation), screenshots, 
>> or something similar?
> Oh you *would* prefer the M$ method of marketing a new concept. Do you 
> think I should leave out details like GPF to make it sell better?

Well, almost every project on freshmeat.net or sourceforge.net have 
screenshots, some of them have also video / flash presentations 
(openoffice.org has it) to let the user know the idea how the software 

I don't see anything wrong

You may be a good programmer, but a very bad marketer.

See your competition's demo - unattended - 
http://www.technikz.de/down/howto.mpeg - to get an idea how it works.

> Demo:
> Plug the computer in.
> CD or PXE Boot
> Based on computer name ESD knows what OS image to install, common image 
> with bolt-on device driver packages for the specific model type
> OS boots, connects to ESD and installs applications and configurations 
> set to go to this computer name

OK, this is done by at least two open-source tools (ani and unattended; 
they may seem to be hard to program, though).

> Daily or on-demand connection to ESD verifies all of the files / 
> registry are in place that need to be there
> Features:
> Complete remote admin
> Central logging of all ESD events
> Single ESD tool maintains *ALL* applications on the computer... not each 
> vendor inventing their own ESD (Windows Update, McAfee has ePO, bla bla 
> bla...) One pipe, IT admins can watch one pipe, not 100.
> Backup of personal files on the workstation based on what apps are on 
> the box.
> etc... bla bla bla...

Seems nice.

> MSI, they (can) tie it to the app icon, so each time you start the app 
> it checks bits and pieces, but not typically the entire app as people 
> would complain it takes to long to start the app.... dua! Do it when the 
> PC is not in use... aka middle of the night! Some MSI packaged apps do 
> no checking after the install. Oh login script method... great, everyone 
> go get a cup of coffee when you log in to your PC in the morning... IT 
> decided to upgrade from Office XP to Office 2003!

Well, software has to be installed at some time.
If the PC is off and don't have wake-on-LAN card, your solution would 
make no difference, would it?


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