[Samba] Re: distribute/deploy software to clients

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Sun Nov 7 18:39:44 GMT 2004

Michael Lueck wrote:
> Basically what you are looking for is called "Electronic Software 
> Distribution" (ESD) and is far too rarely used in the industry.
> Honestly MSI stinks. My Opus 1 product back in 1995 is much like what 
> MSI is today. Currently I am working on Opus 4, plus have used some 
> vendor tools as well.
> The name of the game is to get the right files in the right places, the 
> right registry entries in the right places, and BINGO! the software 
> works. That's it! Unfortunately most people are blind to this simplistic 
> view of computing, and end up building things like MSI which make the 
> task far more complicated than it needs to be... and then use their bad 
> attempts at a solution as justification for even worse ideas like Cytrix 
> / WinFrame ideas putting all of their eggs in one basket... "gee, I I 
> only need to keep one really big computer working then it will be 
> easier!" but they forget that when that one system goes down, everyone 
> is down, and they still have no automated way to get that one computer 
> back again configured exactly the way it was before Murphy happened 
> along. The additional duct tape like GoBack is applied... oh don't get 
> me started!
> Anyway, high level overview of ESD...
> ftp://ftp.lueckdatasystems.com/pub/presentations/iccm2002tfm.pdf
> I'm slightly passionate about this topic! ;-)

OK, this presentation is just a bunch of phrases - not much behind it.
Any link to a *real* solution?


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