[Samba] for small samba srv, need both smbd and nmbd?

Mark mgrocks1 at netscape.net
Fri Nov 5 21:00:02 GMT 2004

we need to run the smallest samba server foot print. All it needs to do
is function like a b-node, or at most a h-node. No serving, no nothing,
it just needs to be able to be found on a windows network using NBT.
When I do a testparm there's lots of settings and we want this to be as
innocuous as possible e.g. (no master browser, or election fighting etc.)

We would like it to be as secure as possible since it's not really doing
anything. Here's what I've got so far


#workgroup = <this is only needed in h-node mode>

#wins server = <same  as above>

netbios name = %h

security = SHARE

server string =  <some name>

interfaces = eth0

Do I need any more than this, or any less? Do I need to start both smbd
and nmbd?

OS: fully patched redhat 7.3
Samba software: samba-2.2.7-3.7.3

Server=[Samba 2.2.7-security-rollup-fix]


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