[Samba] installing printer in a logon script

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Fri Nov 5 18:43:33 GMT 2004

Paul Gienger wrote:
> Reorganizing the posts for sanity:
> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>> Manuel Capinha wrote:
>>> Connect to the server and enter the "Printers and Faxes" folder.
>>> Right click, choose Server Properties.
>>> Go into the Drivers tab and add the driver, just like as if it was a
>>> Windows server.
>> hint: look at the subject (installing printer in a script).
>> it has to be done *fully* automatically, there is no place for going 
>> there and clicking here.
> You need to do this to install the server copy of the printer driver.  
> When you run your rundll command with the /in flag, it looks for the 
> driver as it has been installed using (more or less) the procedure 
> above.  This is how it's done, not with what you said about 'putting the 
> driver in /blah/X32HP200C'.  When you do the install command from a 
> login script there is no 'going there and clicking here', just a status 
> box that disappears all by itself.

No, it doesn't disappear by itself, even if I'm logged into a domain.
I agree, if the driver was installed *before* - now Windows knows that 
it has it.
But if it's installed for the *first* time, I have this window prompt.

> You should probably grab yourself a copy of '...By Example' by whatever 
> means you like and bone up on the printing sections.  You can start here 
> if you don't know where to find it.
> http://us3.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-Guide/happy.html#id2541726

Yeah I read this, but it didn't say how to install printer drivers 
without user interaction.

>> this is done on a freshly installed machine, which didn't even join 
>> the domain.
> If you didn't join the domain then how exactly is the login script being 
> run?!?!?
Actually, it's Unattended script (see unattended.sf.net) - "a Windows 
deployment system" - in other words, an "unattended" installation of 
Windows (handy if you have to install Windows on a large number of 

You insert a CD to a blank PC (can be done over a network without a CD 
if mainboard supports it, too), choose a name for a computer - and there 
you go - it installs Windows, all desired software, joins the domain 
etc. without any need to click or type anything (well, you have to 
prepare a script that does that all before of course).

As the Windows is installed and the software is being installed, it is 
all done as Administrator (*that* computer Administrator) - and we're 
not logged into a domain (yet).

I can do everything automatically, apart of this printer driver :(


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