[Samba] Re: Trusting and trusted domain (home mapping) problem

Adrian Chow achow at uwcsea.edu.sg
Fri Nov 5 11:28:08 GMT 2004

Hi Igor (and samba team),

I have done the following:-
-I have upgraded the samba versions of the both servers to be the same.
-The ldap servers are in the same version.
-DomainAPDC and DomainBPDC has winbind in nsswitch
-wbinfo all works.
-"getent group" and "getent passwd" shows ldap entries of local domain 
and winbind entries of the remote domain.
-However I still cannot map the home directory of the Domain_B_user when 
I log into Domain_B on Domain_A_XP computer.
- smbclient //domain_A_PDC/shared -U domain_B/domain_B_user is working.

The command I run on the command prompt (which will work) if I am 
Domain_A_user into Domain_A on Domain_A_XP_computer is "net use x: 
/home".  But before I map it, the home directory is already mapped based 
on the sambahomepath and sambahomedrive in the ldap entries.  I am using 
the "net use" command to do testing.
If I were to run the same "net use x: /home" command as a Domain_B_User 
logging into Domain_B on Domain_A_XP_computer, the home directory never 
gets mapped.  Igor has make it work on his server but I am still stuck. 
  (Igor, if you run "net use z: /home" command as the Domain_B_User 
logging into Domain_B on DOmain_A_XP, does it work?)

On my winbind log on Domain_A_PDC, I get the following :-

uwcstu is domain_B
grade2 is domain_B_user
10000 is gid of DomainB\Domain Users group on Domain_A_PDC.
staff is domain A


[2004/11/05 19:10:16, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_user.c:winbindd_getpwnam(124)
   [29440]: getpwnam uwcstu\grade2
[2004/11/05 19:10:16, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_group.c:winbindd_getgroups(1030)
   [29440]: getgroups UWCSTU\grade2
[2004/11/05 19:10:16, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_sid.c:winbindd_gid_to_sid(374)
   [29440]: gid to sid 10000
[2004/11/05 19:10:16, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_user.c:winbindd_getpwnam(124)
   [29440]: getpwnam uwcstu\grade2
[2004/11/05 19:10:16, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_group.c:winbindd_getgrnam(243)
   [29440]: getgrnam grade2
[2004/11/05 19:10:16, 4] passdb/pdb_ldap.c:ldapsam_getgroup(2008)
   ldapsam_getgroup: Did not find group
[2004/11/05 19:10:16, 1] nsswitch/winbindd_group.c:winbindd_getgrnam(298)
   group grade2 in domain STAFF does not exist


1. Why domain_A_PDC will try to getgrnam "grade2"? How did grade2 ended 
up as a group and not a user?

2.  Isn't it supposed to be getgrnam "UWCSTU\Domain Users" since 
winbindd_gid_to_sid is converting 10000 to "UWCSTU\Domain Users"?

3.  Any commands for me to test getgroups?

4.  Any ideas how to proceed on?

Thanks so much.


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