[Samba] Static Entries wins.dat/browse.dat

Jason Gray jgray at bardelanimation.com
Fri Nov 5 02:54:49 GMT 2004

Well I found out how to fix the problem.  I just needed to add "netbios 
aliases = " to my smb.conf file and the server name appeared in my 
browse list.  If I could only learn to read the manuals : )


Jason Gray wrote:

> I've recently setup an iSCSI portal on my network and have taken some 
> servers offline.  However, due to the requirements of certain software 
> programs I need to use UNC paths.  I was able to fix this issue by 
> adding CNAME into my DNS.   I'm still finding that certain programs 
> still require to view the browse list to find the appropriate server.  
> Since CNAME doesn't link to the wins.dat or browse.dat lists I thought 
> I could add a static entry into both.  I followed the Samba-Howto on 
> static entries but it seems that the entry disappears after a few 
> minutes (the entry does appear on the Network Places browse list).
> Since the static entry is point to the same IP address as a physical 
> server (iSCSI portal) could it be causing a conflict and therefore 
> removed.
> Cheers,

Jason Gray
Bardel Entertainment Inc.
jgray at bardel.ca

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