[Samba] Can't access files at WinXP boot time

Steve Snyder swsnyder at insightbb.com
Fri Nov 5 02:40:23 GMT 2004

I have a couple of WinXP/SP2 machines that access Samba (v2.2.12, on a Red 
Hat v9 box) shares.  The files on those shares are not immediately 
available at WinXP boot time, despite "Reconnect at login" being in 
effect for all network drives.

The shares are actually working.  If I look at them with Windows Explorer 
all the files are seen.  I was advised in the WinXP newsgroups to set the 
registry entry to wait for network connection before booting.  (As 
opposed to the default network connecting concurrently with user login.)  
No difference in behavior.

Here's an example.  I keep my Mozilla bookmark file on my home share.  
When WinXP bootup is complete (no hourglass as pointer) I open Mozilla 
only to find I have no bookmarks.  I can open/close Mozills as many times 
as I want to and see no bookmarks.  I then view my drives, including 
Samba shares, with Windows Explorer, and find all files present.  Now all 
applications can see their data files on mu home share.

Another example.  My WinXP wallpaper is an image file on my home share.  
At boot time my desktop shows no wallpaper because the image files cannot 
be found on my network drive.  Windows Explorer shows that the file is 
indeed present on the network drive.

So... can anyone advise me on how to ensure that files on my Samba shares 
can be seen at WinXP boot time?


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